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Radiata Pine

Radiata pine, Pinus radiata, the Monterey pine, or Insignis pine, is a species of pine native to the Central Coast of California and Mexico and it is an evergreen conifer.

Radiata pine is a versatile, fast-growing, medium-density softwood. It is often considered a model for growers of other plantation species and it is the most widely planted pine in the world, valued for rapid growth and desirable lumber and pulp qualities. It is a major species in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Kenya, and South Africa.

Radiata pine was first introduced into New Zealand in 1859 and today it is the most extensively grown and used wood in New Zealand. It is popular because it is fast growing, easy to work as well as it being suitable for a wide variety of uses. This includes the timber's ability to hold screws and nails well, the wood fibre can be cut and machined quickly, it takes paint and stain without difficulty, and it can be kiln dried and treated fast and efficiently.

Lower grade Radiata pine timber is used in packaging or it is converted into pulp and woodchip to make newsprint and particle board, whilst higher grade timber is used in building construction, furniture, mouldings and veneers/plywood. However in solid board/non-laminated form Radiata pine does not have the same natural load-bearing and lateral strength characteristics as Oregon, Douglas Fir or Macrocarpa.