Wooden Chopping Board Conditioner: Clear 200ml

Wooden Chopping Board Conditioner: Clear 200ml
Wooden Chopping Board Conditioner: Clear 200ml
Wooden Chopping Board Conditioner: Clear 200ml
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Product: Wooden Chopping Board Conditioner: Clear 200ml
Grade: Clear

100% Eco-friendly and New Zealand made

Revives & protects all dry wooden cutting boards, blocks, bowls and utensils.


  • From Selby & Leo in New Zealand
  • For use on all boards, blocks and utensils
  • Blended food grade mineral oil
  • 200ml glass bottle 

Wooden chopping boards and utensils are susceptible to drying out even with normal use, so it's best to periodically revive them with a little TLC.

Selby & Leo board conditioner is an odourless, food safe blended mineral oil – the preferred choice of professional board makers. Regular application will keep your board from drying out and cracking and it will restore the natural lustre and wood grain highlights.

While it is common to use plain vegetable oil, this is susceptible to going rancid.

For use on all wooden boards and blocks, counter tops, butchers blocks, including wooden bowls and utensils.

Comparison image is for illustrative purposes only, actual finish may vary slightly with differing woodgrain.


Ensure the board is as clean as possible and thoroughly dry. With older, well used boards spread some coarse salt on the board and rub with half a lemon as this acts like a natural disinfectant and deodoriser. Wipe the board clean and let it dry.

Apply the Selby & Leo Mineral oil using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel - a generous coat evenly over the wood and let it soak in for at least an hour. If your board is particularly dry or it hasn't been conditioned in a while, apply 2 to 3 coats letting it dry in between.

Remove the excess using a dry, clean cloth or paper towel and buff the board to achieve a dry sheen.

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